Who is Nysgjerrigper?

In Norwegian a "Nysgjerrigper" is someone who wants to know about all that is going on, and who questions everything she or he comes across. The Research Council of Norway therefore very aptly named its national science knowledge project for children after this type of person.

Nysgjerrigper logo svart (Medium caseimage)

Nysgjerrigper is an expression. Nysgjerrigper may naturally also be a girl. Boys and girls are equally strongly engaged in Nysgjerrigper’s activities.

The bulk of members are school classes, approximately 3 000 classes, which include 85 000 pupils. These and more than 2 700 school libraries, almost 2 000 individual members and a national network of science communicators, receive the science magazine and material from Nysgjerrigper at least four times a year.

The Nysgjerrigper project’s main goal is to promote researcher recruitment and awareness of research activities.

What we do

The Nysgjerrigper Method

- teachers' guide to scientific method

- teacher courses, seminars and training

 The Nysgjerrigper Magazine

 - includes a learning resource for nonfiction reading

The Annual Nysgjerrigper Science Contest