The Nysgjerrigper Method

The Nysgjerrigper Method, a teachers' guide to scientific methods, is a tool designed for primary school teachers and pupils. The objective is to inspire educators and communicators to put scientific working methods on the agenda.

To jenter forsker på knekkebrød

This abridged English version of the original Norwegian teacher's guide offers a brief introduction to the Nysgjerrigper Method.

The Nysgjerrigper Method is a tool designed for primary school teachers and pupils. Since the program was launched in 1996, thousands of teachers all across Norway have attended courses and adopted the Nysgjerrigper Method.

The Research Council offers this programme in attempt to put research and science on the agenda in primary school.

Download the teachers' manual

The teachers' guide is based on experience from meetings with teachers, as well experience with entries in the 'Nysgjerrigper of the Year', an annual research competition for young people in Norway.

You can download a pdf version of the teachers' manual here.

(The Norwegian version of the teacher's guide has been revised several times. You can find it here.)

Nysgjerrigper's six steps to research 

The method is a simplified version of the hypothetical deductive method of research.  

1. I wonder why

2. Why is it like this?

3. Draw up a plan

4. Gathering information

5. What we found out

6. Tell everyone else  

Read more about the six steps here.

See examples 

Is it necessary to have different types of flavour additives in Non Stop?

Why do we fold our hands differently?

How do animals react when read aloud to?