Science resources for kids

Nysgjerrigper offers a variety of resources to stimulate children's curiousity, interest and imagination. Experiments, articles and multimedia are, among other things, designed to enhance knowledge and awareness of research activities.

To jenter lukter på gamle ting (Medium caseimage)

The Nysgjerrigper resources enable school children and teachers to work together on science projects, thereby teaching research skills to children and promoting research recruitment in the long term.

The Nysgjerrigper Science Knowledge Project incorporates:

An annual science competition, in which school children carry out small-scale research projects, and compete for the national Nysgjerrigper Science Award. A special jury consisting of researchers and educators evaluate and select the best projects.  

Read about research projects that won the competition: 

Is it necessary to have different types of flavour additives in Non Stop?

Why do we fold our hands differently?

How do animals react when read aloud to?

A work manual and an interactive web resource providing simple instruction in research methodology, where the teachers find help and inspiration.

Methodology courses and presentations to provide guidance and inspiration to teachers, school management and science communicators.

Participation in a wide variety of activities throughout the year, including the National Science week, the annual Astronomy festival, etc.

The Nysgjerrigper magazine is published 4 times a year presenting science and research from all disciplines; science, technology and the humanities. Nysgjerrigper’s exciting magazine is distributed to all members.

A website featuring science news, examples of science projects, articles and more.

(The 2018-winners of the science competition wondered why there is a funny smell in old people's houses. Photo: CARINA JOHANSEN / NTB SCANPIX)