About Nysgjerrigper

A Nysgjerrigper is a very curious person who is not afraid to ask questions and who wants answers to everything he or she wonders about. More than 10 years ago, the Research Council of Norway decided to start a project in elementary schools to show children that research is fun! Nysgjerrigper wants to help satisfy your curiosity, and to encourage you to do research and let your imagination run wild.

Nysgjerrigper Magazine

To tell you about all the exciting things researchers do, the Nysgjerrigper Club publishes a magazine four times a year. There you can read about famous explorers, archaeology, space, strange animals, cow that have gas in their stomachs and much more. Learn how to make your own ice cream, and how to do many other exciting experiments!

The annual science contest

Every year Nysgjerrigper invites school children and their teachers to compete in a science contest that offers great prizes! If there is anything you wonder about, ask your teacher and discuss it with your class. Maybe you will decide that you want to do some research to find an answer to your question? If so, why not submit your project work to the science contest? Any elementary school pupil is eligible to participate in the contest.

The 2005 contest was won by a very wet group of children from Eiksmarka School outside Oslo. They did research on why our skin wrinkles up under water. Their prize was awarded by Norway’s Minister of Education and Research at a ceremony held in June at the Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology.


Nysgjerrigper has lots of good friends who sometimes get together and do experiments at different festivals! Read more about this on the website at nysgjerrigper.no. Pay attention! You never know when we might show up close to where you live!


On our website at www.nysgjerrigper.no, you can read about interesting research. Find methods for conducting experiments and ask scientists questions. If you are working on a project at school, you can search our archives for helpful material. What about a project on dinosaurs? Just search for dinosaurs and read more about them on our website.

Information about Nysgjerrigper

Nysgjerrigper provides lots of information if you want to know more about the project! Most of the material is in Norewegian, and can be ordered by contacting us. For our information brochure in English, please click on the picture.

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